Pigment Hoarder

Hi! My name is Natalie and I am a pigment hoarder.
I have a new class that I am taking and I needed a palette to work from using fresh watercolor paint. I had a few that have not seen any use in a year and decided to clean them all out at once.

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I was prying some pretty big chunks out of the wells of the palettes. I just couldn’t chuck those into the trash. I stopped short of scraping every crumb of pigment into my container. It felt too miserly.

pigment, watercolor, palette, hoarder, ncwren, pigment hoarder
I did wish a had a selection of small spray bottles to melt the scraps of pigment and make some watercolor sprays. Although that would lead into an entirely new arena of hoarding.
I'm quite happy that I decided to give myself a fresh start with fresh pigments and cleaned out palettes.
watercolor, class, pigment, palette, fuschias, pigment hoarder
I'm looking forward into finishing these new classes and coming out with my own compositions.

So tell me-what do you hoard?