Artists are…

Tui, bird, pastel, ncwren
Tui Bird Lesson from The Paint Basket Online Classes

Hyper Focused
Learning and exploring life one painting at a time is not just my Twitter ‘handle’ it is my daily truth. As an artist who started their career later in life I am continually amazed at how much I have missed out on just living my life and not being an observer of it.
I feel blessed and excited at the start of each piece at what knowledge I will glean from the medium and subject at hand.
It’s the removing of distractions and finding that hyper focused brain action of where I can spend hours in the shapes of objects and light and be genuinely surprised that time sped by me in the pursuit of getting it right.
Sleeping Monkey lesson
Sleeping Monkey Lesson from The Paint Basket Online Classes

Decision Makers
I never knew in the beginning how many decisions are constantly being made with artwork. I better understand those artists who stick with the same materials day in and day out. Those alone can paralyze the process of creating. Then there is the big one-what to paint? The reason we have landscape, portrait, wildlife, and abstract artists. The decisions to be made composition wise and we still haven’t started painting yet. 
old doorway lesson 30
Old Doorway Lesson from The Paint Basket Online Classes

Merriam Webster defines resilient as:
able to return to an original shape after being pulled, stretched, pressed, bent, etc.
…sounds about right. The bit about “an original shape” as opposed to straight up original has me smiling. It’s a good thing. It’s what keeps me coming back day after day. It’s exhilarating and nerve wracking to make that final decision and say it is finished.