QOR Watercolor Cold Press Ground~Quick Product Review

QOR Cold Press Ground (made by Golden Artist Colors) "creates an absorbent, cool white surface with the appearance of rough handmade paper.  A smoother finish can also be achieved by skimming with a wet palette knife during application.  Ideal when a rough texture is desired for emphasizing dry brush techniques."

I had intended to purchase the QOR watercolor ground which promises to create "a porous surface similar to hot press paper on different surfaces while allowing for wash and staining effects along with bringing stained areas back to a white, absorbent surface."

That one will have to wait until my next purchase bundle. Since I thought I had the latter product I tested it as such:

  1. It does live up to it's advertised qualities. 
  2. It will not take subsequent washes of color without lifting the initial wash. 
  3. It will not entirely cover a previous watercolor stain.
  4. lt does a good job of creating a really rough texture. 
My initial impressions are that it creates a paintable surface on materials not intended for watercolors. The painted surface would have to be sealed or protected to prevent the lifting of the color. It does not cover a previous stain completely which has it's own possibilities for the usage of this material. I paid $11.19 at Jerry's Artarama. It is also available from Amazon.