Winsor Newton Field Box~Quick Product Review

winsor newton field box review ncwren

This is a watercolor field box that holds 12 half pans of Cotman watercolors. The colors that came with mine are:
  1. Cad Yellow pale hue        
  2. Cad Yellow hue
  3. Yellow Ochre
  4. Raw Sienna
  5. Burn Umber
  6. Cad Red hue
  7. Alizarin Crimson hue 
  8. Cobalt Blue hue
  9. Ultramarine
  10. Viridian hue
  11. Sap Green
 There is a pamphlet inside giving the different ratings for each color like staining, permanence and granulating.

winsor newton field box review ncwren

Here I have it pictured next to my cellphone case. The overall dimensions are 5" high by 2 1/2" wide and 1 3/8" thick. Extremely compact with a lot of goodies inside. It's a simple matter of removing the lid/water pot and having it unfold into a very manageable field palette.

winsor newton field box review ncwren

There are three areas to mix, a self contained water bottle, a natural sponge, a tiny travel brush with lide, the water pot and colors.
There is a trick to unloading the 1/2 palettes that wasn't first apparent to me. The sponge needs to be removed and under it is a lever to push in. The entire center lifts on a hinge so there is easy access to remove pans and place them back in again.
After unwrapping I had to give it a spin right away. I used a photograph from a daily drawing challenge group that I belong to on Facebook. I did a quick sketch with a Col-erase pencil in yellow.

winsor newton field box review ncwren daily drawing challenge sketchbook

I really like Cotman watercolors.  I don't have a professional grade expectation from them subsequently I am always well pleased with them.

A quick-very quick with the high temperatures today-initial wash of colors.

winsor newton field box review ncwren daily drawing challenge sketchbook

Getting stronger with subsequent washes.

winsor newton field box review ncwren daily drawing challenge sketchbook

More washes and final details with a white gel pen, white colored pencil and some ink.

winsor newton field box review ncwren daily drawing challenge sketchbook

I'm quite happy with him and I didn't have any issues with the small mixing areas. In fact I was so engrossed in painting I didn't even remember that I was using this instead of my studio palette. A very nice little box to have. I got mine off of Amazon and I paid $43.71.

Using Liquid Pencil for Grissaille Underpainting for Watercolor

The Derivan liquid pencil that I posted a review on last week comes with re-wettable and permanent formulas. I decided to use the Sepia toned, permanent liquid for an under painting for a daily drawing challenge sketch.
liquid pencil grissaille ncwren
I did a basic outline with a 3b pencil and started playing around with the quantity of water and liquid pencil mix.
liquid pencil grissaille ncwren
I decided on going as dark as I could at first to see if any of the liquid pencil would lift off with any subsequent 'washes'. It did pretty good-I did notice some lightening which I found to be beneficial. It dried quickly on my sketchbook paper so I was restricted to small areas where I wanted a softer edge.
liquid pencil grissaille ncwren
I think my favorite aspect of this product is getting very fine lines with a mapping pen. I want to use this stuff on my next graphite drawing and see how it plays out with traditional graphite work.
liquid pencil grissaille ncwren
It's nice being able to use something other than ink or pencil as grissaille for watercolors. The softness of the sepia tone added to this particular subject. I find that sometimes ink and pencil have a tendency to dirty the colors. I love the magic of grissaille and being able to relax and just focus on the shapes and light.

I bought mine from Jerry's Artarama and it is also available on Amazon.

Derivan Liquid Pencil Set-Quick Product Review

The set contains six shades in both permanent and re-wettable formula.
Derivan liquid pencil review ncwren
" addition to neutral grey there are colored shades with distinct, yellow, red and sepia..."
Derivan liquid pencil review ncwren
I labeled six containers for the two greys and sepia mixes-differentiating the caps between permanent and re-wettable formulas.
The mixes are thick like watercolor paint out of the tube and I chose to use a large pea size amount of the liquid graphite and 1/4 teaspoon of water.
Dervivan liquid pencil review ncwren
I tried various techniques of lifting, layering, erasing and dipping my mapping pen into the solution. Going back and forth over it left an undesirable effect of goopy looking streaks-similar to that of using watercolor pencils too thickly. I got a very fine line from my mapping pen. The solution had to be encourage a bit to flow, but I think with practice and more familiarity of this product could easily be overcome.
Dervivan liquid pencil review ncwren
I bought mine from Jerry's Artarama for $26.99 and it is also available on Amazon.

Phenomenon Shell Paper by Creative Mark-Quick Product Review

This paper is handmade in Vietnam. It is acid free and made from plant fibers coated with a sea shell emulsion. I bought the 10"x12" 22 sheet pack. It contains all the colors made (red brown, red orange, Chinese red, warm grey, blue and green) plus the natural shade.
shell paper ncwren product review
The paper has a heavy tissue paper feel to it. It is strong, but tears by hand easily. There is a definite grain to the paper that is visually apparent along with small flecks of shell.
I tested watercolor, pastel, graphite, colored pencil, and ink.
  1. The watercolor behaved beautifully on this paper-it does buckle, but flattens out once dry again. Color lifted easily without much effort.
  2. Pastel went on nicely, but the grain definitely shows through. I don't think it would hold multiple layers well.
  3. Graphite pencil also went on nicely. Again the grain/texture of the paper is there. I found that burnishing the graphite slightly warped the paper.
  4. Colored pencil chips away the shell emulsion. I don't know if it is the wax that is grabbing hold of it. I did not have the same issue with the graphite.
  5. Ink also when on great with no bleeding and no chipping of the shell. 
  6. Printing and stamping also went down nicely-again no bleeding of the ink and the texture is not as apparent as it is with the pastel.

shell paper ncwren product review
I look forward in using this paper in my pen and ink drawings along with my watercolor. I paid $20.79 from Jerry's Artarama.
*Edited to add that artwork should be finished with a fixative when complete. I did this mixed media painting with ink, watercolor and gouache and found that even my 'permanent' ink was no longer permanent on this paper. A soft brush can easily lift any of those three mediums.
Phenomenon shell paper product review ncwren
This product is also available on Amazon.