Phenomenon Shell Paper by Creative Mark-Quick Product Review

This paper is handmade in Vietnam. It is acid free and made from plant fibers coated with a sea shell emulsion. I bought the 10"x12" 22 sheet pack. It contains all the colors made (red brown, red orange, Chinese red, warm grey, blue and green) plus the natural shade.
shell paper ncwren product review
The paper has a heavy tissue paper feel to it. It is strong, but tears by hand easily. There is a definite grain to the paper that is visually apparent along with small flecks of shell.
I tested watercolor, pastel, graphite, colored pencil, and ink.
  1. The watercolor behaved beautifully on this paper-it does buckle, but flattens out once dry again. Color lifted easily without much effort.
  2. Pastel went on nicely, but the grain definitely shows through. I don't think it would hold multiple layers well.
  3. Graphite pencil also went on nicely. Again the grain/texture of the paper is there. I found that burnishing the graphite slightly warped the paper.
  4. Colored pencil chips away the shell emulsion. I don't know if it is the wax that is grabbing hold of it. I did not have the same issue with the graphite.
  5. Ink also when on great with no bleeding and no chipping of the shell. 
  6. Printing and stamping also went down nicely-again no bleeding of the ink and the texture is not as apparent as it is with the pastel.

shell paper ncwren product review
I look forward in using this paper in my pen and ink drawings along with my watercolor. I paid $20.79 from Jerry's Artarama.
*Edited to add that artwork should be finished with a fixative when complete. I did this mixed media painting with ink, watercolor and gouache and found that even my 'permanent' ink was no longer permanent on this paper. A soft brush can easily lift any of those three mediums.
Phenomenon shell paper product review ncwren
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