Prepping for 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

30 paintings 30 day preparation ncwren

According to NY Times best selling author Robert Greene the secret to mastering a skill requires desire and time. "If we multiply such deep concentration over enough time, we can master anything."

It has been a busy past week in my studio getting ready for the upcoming 30 paintings in 30 days challenge I signed up for. I have family coming in for a visit and I needed to try and get ahead of schedule so that I can 'fit' into the time frame given.

Getting started on my day earlier and this will hopefully keep me in the game~fingers crossed! I'm hoping to keep up in my daily drawing challenge group, but that may have to be the first thing I let go of to accomplish this goal.

I plan on posting daily results of real time painting or some of this prep work I have started. Most of my prep work involved finding subject matter, deciding on a medium and getting basic outlines done. That all by itself took me most of a week. Had to involve a little factory production to save my neck and back.

If nothing else September will be a busy month for me this year. I'm hoping to get some walking in to just get outside and take a break. I am hopeful for those moments of great concentration-I just hope I can pull myself away and take a breather to re-focus and get the blood moving. My my real wish to dramatically improve my painting skills and to continue to narrow down what my style is and find my voice.

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