Quick and Easy Interchangeable Studio Palette

I have wasted more pigment and time trying to keep my old palettes clean. I have also experienced a few aha moments with color mixing and my palette was too large and clumsy and beyond difficult to change things up.
I decided to make the move to refillable pans so I could also change out my field box from Winsor Newton. I had resisted the use of pans simply because I felt limited to a brush size-never once considering just using fresh pigment for those times when I go larger in brush size.
DIY watercolor palette ncwren
I scraped the pigment from my old palette into the new pans and topped them off with some fresh pigment from the tube to ‘glue’ them in place. I had planned on just hot gluing them onto my former pencil tin when I found some magnetic tape in my supplies. It works like a charm and didn’t change the clearance I needed to put the lid on securely.
DIY watercolor palette ncwren
There is a nice area for mixing colors. I mostly use little ceramic flower palettes to keep my colors clean. This has been the best adjustment I have made in my practice of watercolor. I have a palette that I can now adjust to meet my needs instead of trying to adjust to the limits of a fixed palette.
I found a good variety on Amazon and purchased my watercolor pan from Jackson’s Art in the UK for $.47 each plus $3.00 shipping . Best deal I could find.

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