Finding your Niche-Edit What You Love

artist mind mapping exercise
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An exercise to try out. Pick 1-3 artists you love. List them in a mind map. Find out who they were inspired by or where they went to school to learn their craft (Search engines are your friend here). Pick a person from that and repeat. Go back as far as you can-or in some cases care to. Continue mind mapping people out.

Find their art online and study it. Copy parts of it. Figure out how they saw light. Find what subjects they were drawn to.

I have only copied a small portion of one painting that appealed to me-it actually resonated. I did not copy the materials originally used. I took out my small sketchbook, watercolors and watercolor pencils to study this particular artist and his work.
Bashi-Bazouk watercolor study ncwren niche exercise

I felt that indescribable shift when I have had "aha" moments in the past. It is an exercise I am itching to repeat-and most of the work is done already with my mind maps. I was inspired by Austin Kleon and his books Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work.

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