DIY Color Previewer For Artists

color previewer DIY
I recently came across a product that helps predetermine a color for glazing or whether another layer will help or hurt a painting. I was too impatient to wait for a delivery from Australia-and I wanted to try colors that I have in my own palette so I made my own.
color previewer diy ncwren
I made a list of all the colors I would like to have available and googled the html code for each of them. For those that I could not find a specific code for I looked for the closest match.

I used PicMonkey's collage feature and picked square deal which gives 25 blocks per 8.5x11 page.

Next choose edit to go to the editing area. Pick effects (the sparkly wand) and find ombre to get a graduated effect. Have white as one color and the second color use your html code for each color you have.

Save the project to either print your own out with a laser printer or take to your local printer. I used a transparency made for laser printers and the price was under $10 for a box of 50 sheets.
color previewer diy ncwren
I cut mine out and organized by color. I also punched holes and added grommets so they would slide easier around a key chain.
color previewer diy ncwren
After making these and using them a few times I would have only made 6 swatches-3 primary and 3 secondary. I also would have left them intact on one sheet. The color scratches off fairly easily and attracts a lot of dust through static electricity.

Still a nifty idea and fun to use. I have had a recent inquiry about the color previewer I made for myself. If you live in the Continental United States and are interested in purchasing one from me, please contact me via the contact page and I will be happy to set you up with one. There are 32 color 'swatches' (2" square) on 3 transparency sheets. The colors are:
1 lemon yellow
2 naples yellow
3 azo yellow
4 hansa yellow
5 quin gold
6 orange
7 quin rust
8 burnt sienna
9 shell pink
10 potters pink
11 quin rose quin pink
12 quin red
13 alizarin crimson
14 red deep
15 maroon perylene
16 carmine
17 quin magenta
18 quin violet
19 dioxazine purple
20 cobalt violet
21 cinereous blue
22 cerulean blue
23 ultramarine blue
24 phthalo blue
25cobalt blue
26 prussian blue
27 anthraquinone blue
28 cobalt teal
29cobalt green
30 hookers green
31 phthalo green sap green
32 viridian green