Quick Product Review~M.Graham Cobalt Watercolor Set

M. Graham Cobalt set ncwren quick product review
A really beautiful grouping of colors that have been on my wishlist for over a year. This set has 5 .5oz/15ml tubes of various cobalt pigments.
  1. Cerulean Blue Deep PB 36
  2. Cobalt Violet PV14
  3. Cobalt Blue PB 28 (Oxides of Cobalt and Aluminum)
  4. Cobalt Teal PB28 (Cobalt Aluminate)
  5. Cobalt Green PG50

M. Graham Cobalt set ncwren quick product review

My first impressions were how transparent and vibrant they appeared in my flower palette. They are described in general as being semi opaque-great lightfast ratings with the cobalt family of pigments. They play well together and I happen to love the granulation that some of the pigments provide.
M. Graham Cobalt set ncwren quick product review
The previous image is from my sketchbook and part of a daily drawing challenge group I belong to on Facebook. I want to say that this group is my favorite, but I have really loved and enjoyed using every color I have from M. Graham thus far.
M. Graham Cobalt set ncwren quick product review
I have 3 other sets from M. Graham and I highly recommend them all. I know that some artist don't care for them or Sennelier because they stay sticky and are hard to travel with. This is due to the honey added in to keep them moist. I myself have not had any issues or difficulty traveling with them. Having the softer paint in palette has saved considerable wear and tear of my brushes. I find that with Winsor Newton and Daniel Smith (2 of my other favorites) that I find myself scrubbing at the pans to get the pigment out. It is generally not a problem when I remember to spritz my palette with water.
I purchased all of my sets from Amazon.
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