Quick Product Review~Shell and Potter's Pink

wip watercolor portrait ncwren
In search of a color that would retain a glow to watercolor portraits in shadow areas (especially children) I came across a pigment referred to as Potter's Pink (PR233). When I went to purchase this color I also happened on another color called Shell Pink (PO73 and PW6). On impulse I went ahead and purchased both.
quick product review potter's pink shell pink ncwrent
The Potter's Pink I purchased is a Daniel Smith product. It is a very light tint with a lot of granulation due to it being a genuine mineral pigment. Unfortunately it's formulation is very gummy-meaning that it doesn't really dissolve and there is no mingling on the paper-just a sludgy appearance overall. I suspect it has to do more with quality control than the actual pigment itself. It lifts very easily from the paper, making it extremely difficult to layer with. I have had another paint from this company do this and found it to be not worth my time to get it to work. I may call or write them and see if it is actually the pigment itself.
As for the Shell Pink from Holbein-I am having a love affair with this paint at the moment. It is a combination of Pyrrole Orange (PO73) and Titanium White (PW6). A wonderful transparency exists up to about a 50/50 mix of paint and water when it starts to give over to the white's opacity qualities. I am definitely in the market for some Pyrrole Orange and Titanium White. I have not mixed opaque watercolor with transparent, and given the quality of this paint I want to explore these two pigments separately.
quick product review potter's pink shell pink ncwren
As you can see from the above picture the squares with sludge like strokes are the ones made using the Potter's Pink from Daniel Smith. The top left square starts with a 50/50 mix of the Holbein Shell Pink and is washed out to a light pink transparency-smooth and beautiful. I am loving this subdued yet vibrant pink.
I purchased the Potter's Pink from Amazon for $11.71 usd and the Holbein Shell Pink for $11.72. Both tubes are .5oz/15ml

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